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Popular Questions & FAQ Links

  • When is the Boston Dragon Boat Festival?

    • 2024 event is done.  See you in 2025!

  • Is the Festival free?

    • The Festival is free for festival-goers and racing spectators.

  • Does the Festival have a rain date?

    • The Festival goes on rain or shine.

Cultural Festival

For additional questions, please select the FAQ link below.

Time Trials

*Racing Teams only

  • What is the Time Trial structure?

    • All Teams will race two Time Trial heats of 200 meters.  The average of your times from your 2 heats will be used to:

      • Qualify your team for Saturday's Specialty Race

      • Seed your team in Sunday's Quarterfinal race.


  • Saturday's Specialty Race is a race among your Group (Community, Women, Corporate...etc.)

    • Only the top 4 time trials performances of each Group make the Specialty Race.

For additional questions and answers for Time Trial, click here for the Time Trial FAQ.

*Racing Teams only

  • What is Race Day's structure?

    • All races on Sunday are 500 meter races. For 2025, the number of divisions will be TBD.

    • Your team will race a maximum of 3 times: Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and Finals.

  • Are we allowed to distribute promotional materials or sell merchandise at our team tent?

    • Teams are prohibited from conducting sales of any items due to the Commonwealth’s Department of Conservation and Recreation regulations. If you wish to do so then please contact us about reserving a Vendor or Advertisement Booth.

    • Teams are allowed to distribute free promotional materials.

  • Can I bring a drone to take video?

    • Current ruling is no drones can take off or land on DCR property.

For additional questions and answers for Race Day, click here for the Race Day FAQ.

Race Day

*Racing Teams only

  • Where can I register my team?

    • You may register on our "Race Registration", located here.

  • How many people can I have on my team?

    • You may have a maximum 24 athletes on your team.  20 paddlers, 1 drummer, 1 steersperson, and 2 alternates.

  • When does race registration close?

    • Generally around early April.

For additional questions and answers for Registration, click here for the Race Registration FAQ.


Race Practice

*Racing Teams only

  • Does my team have to practice?

    • No practice attendance requirement. However, paddlers are encouraged to attend as many practices as possible.  We strongly recommend that novice or out-of-practice paddlers attend at least 2 practices.

  • Inclement weather protocol?

    • Race practices are rain or shine. In the uncommon case in which practice is cancelled then the Festival will notify team captains/administrators via email and social media.

    • Lightning Protocol: If thunder is heard or lightning is seen while your team is on the water, your team is to immediately head back to the boathouse and wait for 30 minutes. If there is no more thunder/lightning during that time, then your team can head back out. If there is more thunder/lightning then the 30 minute wait resets each time.

For additional questions and answers for Practice, click here for the Race Practice FAQ.

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