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Every year, the Boston Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival (BHKDBF) hosts a multitude of vendors.  Vendors, depending on their business, set up in either reserved food spaces or advertisement booths along Memorial Drive in Riverbend Park.  Memorial Drive is typically closed on Sundays for recreation, making it a great spot for all those out that day.

On Festival Day,  vendors engage with the community in promoting their brand and/or providing services.

If you have questions as a Food Vendor, please send inquires by contacting the Festival through the "Food Vendor Inquiries" link provided.  We have also included an application form as well. 

General Vendor Application Process & Timeline:

  • Apply

    • APPLY NOW – Fill Out application forms and pay the application fee and be considered for selection as a vendor (The fee will be refunded if you are not accepted). 


  • Fill Out Agreement and Forms.

  • Pay Fees.

  • Receive Acceptance Email. 

    • WEEK OF TBD 2025 – Acceptance notifications will be emailed. 

    • WEEK OF TBD 2025 – Vendor Acceptance Packets will begin to be emailed. It will include all the details for the next steps, health permit, parking pass and parking arrangements, etc.

Food Vendor Application

As a Company or Special Interest group,  please reserve an advertisement booth with us to showcase and promote your content to our community.     

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