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The Boston Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival is the first dragon boat festival in the United States.  It started in 1979 and sparked the growth of the sport.  Today, there are over hundreds of teams and competitions all over the country.  It is one of the fastest growing sports in the nation. 

The mission of the Festival is to promote and develop the sport of dragon boating.  In Boston, this sport provides a common setting, in the spirit of community and competition, through which people, of diverse backgrounds, can cross cultural boundaries.  We aim to promote this cultural understanding through this sport and our Asian cultural programs.  Through both these avenues, we hope to encourage unity and health in our community and Boston.  


The first Dragon Boat Festival in the US

Founded by three friends, the very first festival featured large dragon head constructions that were attached to the racing boats.  It featured cultural performers and was a fun and artistic event.

It featured art from the community that was held on week-long displays in the various prominent parts of Boston such as the John Hancock Center,  The Museum of Fine Arts, and the Boston Public Library. 

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