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    Race Weekend is currently planned for June 12, 2022. The Saturday time trial on June 11th will open if conditions permit. Upon which teams will be notified. ​ Races are held on Hong Kong style dragon boats. The boat, drum, paddles and flotation devices will be provided. Any team is allowed to use their own paddles and wear their own personal flotation devices so long as they all match. Inflatable PFDs are not allowed for the event. Exceptions to matching flotation devices are allowed for age/weight appropriate devices if the Festival equipment does not fit. ​ Teams are allowed a maximum of 24 registered members, comprising of: 1 Drummer, 1 Boston Dragon Boat Festival Qualified Steersperson, and 22 Paddlers. A maximum 20 paddlers may race at one time. The additional two paddlers are to be considered alternates and may paddle as the captain wishes. No experience is required for paddlers. Team members must be at least 14 years of age. Each co-ed team must compete with a maximum of 10 women paddlers and maximum of 10 men paddlers, with no less than 16 people per boat. Women’s team must have all female paddlers, youth team paddlers must all be between the ages of 14 -17, and ACS team paddlers must all be cancer survivors. Boat should be balanced with even number of paddlers. ​ There will be Specialty Challenge races that may be grouped into the following classes: Community, Corporate, Women’s, Youth, All Cancer Survivors, etc depending on the teams registered. You may choose the initial Specialty Challenge, however, the festival reserve the right to change based on the overall racing teams. For 2022 the Specialty Challenge may be cancelled depending on COVID-19 conditions.
  • Race Date
    Race takes place at the John W. Weeks Footbridge on the Sunday of the Festival weekend. ​ The docks will be located on the Boston shore. Races begin between the River and Western Avenue bridges. Races end near the Weeks Footbridge, just before the boat docks. ​ Race course will be 500-meters and first race time will be dependent on Saturday time trials. Once your team has launched from the docks, you should proceed downstream to the starting line. At the starting line listen for instructions from the race officials. Buoys will mark the finish line; an air horn will be used to indicate the passing of each boat across the official finish line.
  • Additional Information
    Team should gather at the Boston side of the John W. Weeks Footbridge, near Harvard Square, off Soldiers Field Road. Please stake a spot along the Dr. Paul Dudley White Bike Path and do not block the path. Boats will launch near the Weeks Footbridge, paddle to the starting line near the Western Avenue Bridge, and race back to the Footbridge. Please remember to keep your wristbands on for race weekend. Replacements are $20. Teams should arrive at least 75 minutes before the scheduled race in case the festival runs early. There will be a captain's meeting at 6:30 AM. Please send a designated team member if the captain cannot make the meeting. Any major issues concerning the schedule, potential schedule changes, or division issues will be made on-site with the race officials before the first race.
  • Important Dates
    Race Weekend will be June 12th. Team Registration will open from March 9, 2022 - April 20, 2022 Athlete Registration will stay open until May 29, 2022
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