Cultural Performers



12:00 Chinese waist Drum Dance by GBCCA
12:20 Dragon Dance by Wahlum Kungfu Academy
12:30 Opening Ceremony
1:00   Chinese Traditional Music & Yo-Yo  by GBCCA
1:30   Korean Dance by Boston Korean Dance Group
1:50   Sichuan Opera "Bian Lian"  By Valerie Kenyon
2:00   Chinese Dance   by ADA Dance School
2:20   Chinese Martial Arts Demonstration By Wahlum Kungfu Academy
2:50   Thai Dance By Thai Sunday School

3:10   Chinese Dance By Angel Performing Arts
3:40   Taekwon-Do Demonstration By Jae Hun Kim Taekwon-Do Institute
4:10   Indian Dance   By Academy of Creative Arts
4:40   Japanese Taiko Drumming By Odaiko New England
5:10   Award Ceremony for Winning Teams By Boston Dragon

Boat Festival

11:30-12:00/1:00-1:30   Lion Dance demonstrations By Gund Kwok Women's Lion and Dragon Dance Troupe

12:00-12:30/1:30-2:00 Taichi demonstration By Taichi Academy of Greater Boston