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Festival Day

June 12th



The Festival hosts many cultural performances during the day.  Art expresses the imagination and history of a culture.  We feature Taiko drumming, Kung Fu displays, and live classical Chinese music.



From the colorful face-painting to the flavorful zongzi-crafting, the Festival offers fun arts and crafts for the family.  There are activities for all ages.  Our tents are filled with exciting things to do!


Food has always been one of the best ways to bridge different cultures.  It offers us a friendly and sometimes adventurous introduction to culinary unknowns.



Our teams form the core of our festival.  Every year, over 2,000 paddlers train and compete for fun, camaraderie, and glory.

Throughout the season, with other festivals & races, the sport brings people together.


Volunteers form the core of Festival operations.  They are the engine that makes the day possible. 

We thank our volunteers for all their hard work and enthusiasm to our mission 

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