Team Registration

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Boston Dragon Boat Festival, an ERDBA-sanctioned point event. 

Team Entry Fees

Local Teams: MA, NH, RI, CT, VT - $1000.  Separate refundable $200 security damage check required for teams practicing with Boston Dragon Festival Boats.

Visiting Teams: (outside 150 Mile radius) - $700.  The Boston Dragon Boat Festival reserves the right to determine if teams qualify as Visitors.

Multiple Team Discount: for teams belonging to the same parent organization - $100.00 off on third or fourth team.

Registration Deadline

Late registration fee: after May 1st, add $200.00 to the registration fee.

How to Register

Please be sure to read and understand the race rules below.  Captain or designee must download and read the following required information:

  • 2017 Race Rules
  • Update for 2017: all teams will race with 20 paddlers and each team must have a minimum of 8 female paddlers.   

Team managers, register your team(s) via the link below.  Once you have successfully registered, you will be able to invite team members to your registered team(s).

NOTE: There is currently a wait list for new teams.  All team registrations shall be filed electronically. Paper copies will not be accepted. Teams w/o rosters cannot practice. Paddlers w/o completed filed waivers cannot attend practices.

Checks must be made out to "Boston Dragon Boat Festival, Inc.", and be conventionally mailed to:

Boston Dragon Boat Festival
437 Cherry Street, C/O GBCCA
West Newton, MA 02465

Club Teams and Challenge Races

A Club Team is defined as a team that has access to dragon boat(s) and practice(s) outside of dragon boats and practice opportunities/times offered by the Boston Dragon Boat Festival.

A Club team that holds on-water practice(s) using dragon boats not owned by the Boston Festival and outside of practice opportunities allowed by the Boston Festival is only eligible to enter the Club Challenge, All Cancer Survivors Challenge, and Women’s Challenge races.

All other Challenge Races — including Health, Community, College, Corporate/Finance, Business/Networking, Chinese Alumni, and High School — are reserved for recreation level teams that do not have access to dragon boats and additional practice times outside of the opportunities provided solely by the Boston Dragon Boat Festival.

The Festival reserves the right to designate teams for Challenge Races based on the number of teams and level of competition, among other criteria, on a year-to-year basis. It is the Festival’s discretion which Challenge medals to award based on the field of teams entered in that particular year.

For more information, email